In 2020, 105 families + individuals from 61 different rare disease communities have received a total of over $78k to help with rent, utilities, food, medical bills and therapeutic equipment.

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Age 6, Living with CDKL5

I Stay Home for RARE

who do you stay home for?

We stay home in solidarity with those protecting the lives of children, family members, and friends living with rare diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I Stay Home For Rare™ is a campaign and fund for those standing with us in this cause. Through this new platform, together we are raising awareness and funds to help people in this time of heightened need. 

Join us through social media, storytelling, fundraising, and resource sharing.

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“Rescheduled appointments, no monthly visits, blood shortage, and closed clinics. My medical team has informed me that during the pandemic, the emergency room is the last place to treat a sickle cell crisis.”


— Age 30, living with sickle cell disease

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The people and families featured in this site have all given their direct consent and permission to do so and are not the direct recipients of donated funds. They are however eligible to apply and to be selected through a nondiscriminatory process. 

The information provided in this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. The information in this site does not constitute legal or medical advice of any kind.

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